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Our Logo

The Parish’s distinctive emblem or logo was adopted in 2020 and is based on expert heraldric advice from the holder of the splendidly titled position of Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms In Ordinary at the Royal College of Arms.

He had been consulted in the 1960s and outlined several possible designs using motifs suggested by the history of the parish, adding as an explanation, “The Parish comprises three areas which are represented in the design by oak leaves, being symbolic of English antiquity.  The oak leaves are voided in the form of a crown to imply the [royal] relationship.  The outer edges of the crown are fleur-de-lys to reflect the cross used by the Augustinian Canons of Jericho Priory.”  Despite suppling  sketches of potential emblems, the heraldry expert’s guidance all those years ago failed to inspire the adoption of a logo and the concept was forgotten.

However, during covid-19 lockdown, Portcullis’s rough drafts and notes were recovered from the council’s archives and a local studio tasked with providing pro bono artwork suitable for the digital age. The logo we are now using is the result.   Copyright of the symbol is retained.