Village Phone Mast



The application to erect a 5G tower and associated cabinets and hardstanding was refused at a meeting of Brentwood’s Planning and Licensing Committee tonight.

Parish Council Chairman Cllr Roger Keeble was invited to speak in opposition to the proposal by a telecoms company to install a 50ft (15-metre) high 5G monopole and five cabinets in Nine Ashes Road — a proposal that raised concerns with many householders.  Fellow councillor Terry Lockhart who chairs the Parish’s Planning Committee was also in attendance.

In effect, the telecoms company has now been warned that it needs to consider a different location in the area to avoid an adverse impact on the community and environment.  The Parish Council has offered to assist in identifying potential suitable sites.


In an unanimous decision to reject the application, Borough Councillors backed the recommendation of the Planning Department that found: The proposal is unacceptable because it would result in the provision of telecommunications equipment and supporting infrastructure in a highly prominent location and given their siting and appearance would be detrimental to the character and visual amenity of the area and of nearby residents of Nine Ashes Road and Meadow Rise. It is considered that the benefits associated with the upgrade/improvements to the telecommunication network likely to be associated with this proposal do not out weigh the harm identified. As such it is contrary to policies CP1 and IR2 of the Brentwood Replacement Local Plan 2005 and the National Planning Policy Framework.