An outline map of the parish displaying the names of the main settlements.
An interactive version of the map is available on this site showing the locations of recent planning applications.

The Planning Authority for our area is Brentwood Council where all decisions are made as to whether to grant or refuse an application.  It is also the borough council that oversees building regulations, enforces action against breeches of the rules, and draws up far-reaching proposals such as its Local Development Plan with is stated  intention to build thousands of dwellings on Green Belt land, including two large housing estates sites at Blackmore.

The Parish Council’s Planning Committee should be notified of every building application lodged with Brentwood so that it can comment on the merits or otherwise of the plan from a local community prospective.   Although it is an official consultee, the parish’s recommendations or opinions do not have to be acted upon by the borough (and often are not).   Our present Chairman of Planning, Cllr. Terry Lockhart, brings extensive knowledge of national planning guidelines to the role and so reports submitted to Brentwood are always referenced within the appropriate legislation making them entirely relevant rather than simply subjective.

Our Planning Committee adjusts its scheduling of meetings in order to ensure it can make timely responses for each application under consideration by Brentwood Council.

As an aid to transparency, the Parish Council has an interactive map  Search the Map which may also be found from the home page menu. Clicking the red marker pin should activate a direct link to documents held by Brentwood Council for recent applications in our area.  The red pins are placed approximately at the location of the property involved in the application and also show Brentwood’s reference number should the link fail for any reason.

The Parish Council’s responses can be found under the ‘Consultee Comments’ heading within each application’s details .


Local Development Plan

Brentwood Council’s plan to build thousands of homes on Green Belt land and other sites in the Borough intends to impose two large housing estates on fields alongside Red Rose Lane, Nine Ashes Road, and Fingrith Hall Lane, just yards from the village centre.  The final consolation stage in the planning process has now been reached with a deadline of 11th November, 2021, for comments to be submitted to Brentwood.   To view the associated documents and how to respond to the ‘Main Modifications Consultation’ visit