Standing Orders

Council Policies, Codes and Standing Orders Uploaded on March 11, 2021


Standing Orders — the complete text of every Council Standing Order can be found under the numbered item headings in the accompanying document.  In addition all adopted policies are included in the relevant sections of this website while also being available for inspection upon prior arrangement at the Parish Office,


  1. Rules of debate at meetings
  2. Disorderly conduct at meetings
  3. Meetings generally
  4. Committees and sub-committees
  5. Ordinary council meetings
  6. Extraordinary meetings of the council and committees and sub-committees
  7. Previous resolutions
  8. Voting on appointments
  9. Motions for a meeting that require written notice to be given to the Proper Officer
  10. Motions at a meeting that do not require written notice
  11. Handling confidential or sensitive information
  12. Draft minutes
  13. Code of conduct and dispensations
  14. Code of conduct complaints
  15. Proper Officer
  16. Responsible Financial Officer
  17. Accounts and accounting statements
  18. Financial controls and procurement
  19. Handling staff matters
  20. Requests for information
  21. Relations with the press/media
  22. Execution and sealing of legal deeds
  23. Communicating with District and County councillors
  24. Restrictions on councillor activities