December 2020 Minutes

Minutes of Meetings Uploaded on January 21, 2021



Of the Ordinary Meeting of the Blackmore, Hook End & 

Wyatts Green Parish Council held on

THURSDAY 17th DECEMBER 2020 at 10.00am 

Zoom Conference Meeting:

Members present: Cllr’s T Bennett (Chairman), R Keeble (Vice Chairman), N McCarthy, T Lockhart, 

K Bennett, H Cannon, A Watley, S Clapham (Parish Clerk) and R Nelson (RFO). County Cllr Lesley Wagland and Borough Cllr Peter Jakobsson.


Cllr Dean, Cllr Lennon, Cllr Thomas, J Clarke.

1397 APPROVAL OF MINUTES –  17.11.20

The minutes were signed as a correct record by the Clerk on the Chairman’s behalf.

1398 DECLARATION OF INTEREST – Allotment (Cllr’s Keeble, T Bennett, Watley)


1399 OPEN FORUM (for Public Attendees) – none registered with the Clerk 


No items.

Cllr Tom Bennett’s resignation as Chairmaneffective 18/12/2020

Cllr T Bennett informed the meeting of his recent house sale and his imminent relocation from Essex which was due to reach completion early in the New Year. He had given notice to the Clerk and Members and said that this would be his last meeting. He said he had enjoyed his time on the Parish Council and thanked everyone for their assistance and support during that time. Everyone wished him well in his new ventures. It was proposed by Cllr T Bennett and unanimously agreed that in line with Standing Orders, Vice Chairman Roger Keeble would fulfil the role on a temporary basis until the next Elections. Cllr Keeble accepted the post and thanked Cllr T Bennett, on behalf of the PC for all the work and contributions he had made, particularly to the LDP. 

The Clerk would inform BBC’s Electoral Services Department of the vacancy.


  • The Clerk read out a thank you letter from Mr and Mrs Rose of First Avenue for receiving the Parishioner of the Year Award. 
  • The Clerk advised she had received a verbal complaint from a resident of Plovers Mead in relation to the dislodged kerb stones near to the entrance. It was understood that the kerbstones and grass verge had been damaged due to the private building works at 2 houses at the entrance of Plovers Mead. The stones had been dislodged and had become dangerous to road users, including the number 61 bus. The Clerk had reported this to ECC to inspect the highways damage as a matter of urgency.



Cllr Jakobsson reported that it had been a fairly quiet month. There had been a meeting of full council and a planning committee meeting but he had nothing of note to report.

Cllr Keeble reported on the following:

  • He had reported extensive flooding over the past couple of weeks.  Cllr T Bennett confirmed he had taken recent photos of the ongoing flooding along Red Rose Lane and Chelmsford Road. These have been reported to ECC by the Clerk already. ECC had responded regarding the flooding at Hay Green Lane informing the PC that the land owner in question, Mrs Brewster, had been contacted by ECC requesting that her ditches are cleared (pending action).


1403 Finance – Payments made online:

S Clapham – 

HMR&C – 

Pension – 

R Nelson – 

Total Landscapes – £160.00 – installation of 8 new parish signs

RCCE Membership renewal – £72.60 

SLCC Membership renewal – £208.00


Paid online this month: 

Holmes & Hills legal fees invoice to be paid (LDP) – £1800.00 (+VAT) – legal fees LDP

Di’s Supplies – £348.00 – purchase of weed suppressant (allotment) 

Contact Roller Shutters – £180.00 – balance payment for emergency repair to roller shutter which is being charged to Blackmore Village Hall.

AJE Electrical – £739.01 – Christmas lights work


Reimbursement to be paid to Neil McCarthy of £16.50

Payment pending:

Inv. no. 887 – £1584.00 from Deckanon (W Hobbs handrails) – on hold


Payments made on the PC Credit Card (Nov/DEC):

£1,000 deposit for the cherry picker (Xmas lights) – of which £600 will be reimbursed.

ICO renewal – £40.00 – credit card


Mini bus: Still Temporarily out of use & off-road SORN declaration.

Receipts/Income: nil

1404 Financial Report to 30th November 2020

Mrs Nelson reported on the financial reports as distributed prior to the meeting. All approved with no amendments. 

Financial Powers

1405 Mrs Nelson mentioned that the budget meeting would normally be held in January. Due to the Covid restrictions the RFO and Cllr K Bennett would prepare a draft budget based on each Committee’s estimated budget for projects and maintenance works etc. The draft will be circulated and added to the January PC agenda for consideration.



  Nothing new to report.



1407 Planning applications were dealt with by Committee Members, and the Planning Committee Chairman emailed the reports to the BBC Planning Department. The reports were approved by full Council. Cllr Lockhart read out his report, as follows:

On 1st December 6 applications were considered in the parish. The reports sent to BBC have been circulated to all members, as follows:

(20/01643/HHA) 16 Spillbutters, Doddinghurst – Double garage in front garden (objection)

(20/01642/HHA) 16 Spillbutters, Doddinghurst – Front extension & garage conversion (no objection)

(20/01687/HHA) Spinney Lodge, First Avenue – 2 storey side extension  (objection)

(20/01708/FUL) 27 Woollard Way, Blackmore – new 3 bed house (no objection)

(20/01719/HHA) 33 Plovers Mead, Wyatts Green – front & rear extensions (no objection)

(20/01720/S191) Fantails, Hook End Road – Lawful Development Certificate for use of barn (no objection)


Planning applications in our Parish recently processed by Brentwood:

    60 Plovers Mead – 2 storey side extension (refused)

    4 Chelmsford Road – extension to create new dwelling (approved)  

    Hay Green Farm House – regularize alterations to barn (refused)

  The Meadows, Mountnessing Road – outside swimming pool (approved)

Date of next planning meeting will be 10am on Tuesday 22nd December. Four applications have already been received and distributed, and if any more arrive before 22nd  they will be added to the list.

After the final planning meeting this year, Cllr Lockhart will send every PC member a complete list of all the parish planning applications in 2020 with our decisions and the eventual outcomes from BBC                                                                                    

LDP Public Examination representation

  • The first EIP hearing week commencing 30.11.2020 – You Tube links had been emailed to all PC members. The PC had submitted a written representation outlining the 141 windfall sites in and around the parish, along with recent flooding photographs of Redrose Lane. Bill Ratcliffe (BVHA) spoke at the hearing on 4.12.2020 regarding release of Green Belt.
  • Next hearing session week (week 2) commencing 2nd February 2021.The Clerk will circulate a programme list to all members once received from BBC.  David Whipps of H&H will be representing the PC/BVHA. A strategy meeting with H&H has been scheduled for 4pm on 13th January 2021 at their Marks Tey offices (subject to Covid regulations at the time), otherwise a virtual meeting will be set up. It was agreed that Cllr Keeble, McCarthy and the Clerk will attend.
  • Cllr T Bennett, the Clerk Cllr Keeble had watched over majority of the week 1 hearings and fed back information to H&H. The Inspector had confirmed she had visited the rural areas and looked at the sites in question. Cllr T Bennett gave a brief account of proceedings. At the end of week 1, BBC had been tasked with multiple points which needed clarification.  This list will be ready to view on BBC’s website shortly.


There had been a POS Committee meeting on Monday 14th December 2020 at 10.00am via Zoom. The following items of business were discussed:


1408 Christmas lights

Andy Elmes invoice had been received and included within the payments schedule. He had suggested a budget to purchase stocks of the same lights whilst they were still available, to use in 2021. The POS Committee had agreed this and it was proposed by Cllr K Bennett and unanimously approved that up to £600 be budgeted. Action: Cllr Watley/A Elmes to furnish the Clerk with the details so she can place the order.


1409 Peter Wood’s Memorial seat, The Green, Blackmore

The Clerk had been made aware of an issue, in that Judi Wood had already pre-ordered a picnic bench instead of a seat which had previously been approved by the PC. Judi had also specified that she would prefer it to be installed on the corner of the Green near to her Antique shop/Tea Room. The Members discussed this and it was proposed by Cllr Keeble and unanimously agreed that the Clerk would discuss the following options with Judi:

  • The PC would only allow a seat of recycled materials to be placed on the corner of the          Green (near to where the Horse Chestnut Tree had been removed).
  • The PC would however consider a picnic bench of recycled materials if it was to be located near to the pond where a picnic bench would be more suitable.
  • Judi must provide details of the bench she had in mind, if she chose her own supplier, which the PC must approve before purchasing. Alternatively, the Clerk would purchase the standard seat from its supplier NBB Recycled Furniture and Judi could reimburse the PC.
  • Installation must be considered and approved by the PC in advance if the PC’s own contractor was not instructed. However, the Clerk had supplied Judi with a quote of £320.00 if Total Landscapes were to install it.

1410 Double Taxation

A remote meeting had been scheduled to discuss this with BBC on 19th January 2021 at 7pm. This was ahead of the scheduled BBC/PC liaison remote meeting on 21st January at 6pm, which all parish councils would be attending. The Clerk, RFO and Cllr K Bennett were currently working on a proposal which the Clerk would circulate.

1411 Allotment Lawn Mower purchase

Awaiting early New Year delivery from the supplier.

1412 PC Logo 

The Clerk had circulated copies of suggested letter head’s (as approved)

1413 CLERK’S REPORT (Governance)

  • Accessibility compliant website – The order had been placed and was now in hand with the contractor. Their invoice had been paid.
  • Co-Option – Tracey Hinton had been approved with BBC and the Clerk would speak with her regarding this. It was hoped she would accept and co-option could proceed at the January meeting.



POS – 18th January 2021 at 10.00am – Zoom.

PC – 21st January 2021 at 10.00am – Zoom.

Planning – 22nd December 2020 – Zoom.



1415 Parochial Charities Trust – Cllr K Bennett provided a report to Cllr Keeble and the Clerk outlining the arrangements (as agreed at November’s meeting). As agreed, the same recipients as the previous year would receive the same amounts. Cllr Keeble will liaise with the Church on the arrangements made.



There being no further items of business, the meeting closed at 11.25am.

Signed……………………………………………………. Dated ………………………………