June 2021 Full Council Minutes

Minutes of Meetings Uploaded on July 19, 2021

JUNE 2021.PC.meeting minutes


A PDF of these minutes is available via the link shown above.  The minutes are also transcribed below for convenience.



Of the Ordinary Meeting of the Blackmore, Hook End & 

Wyatts Green Parish Council held on

THURSDAY 17th June  2021 at 10.00am 

At Blackmore Youth Centre

Members present: T Lockhart (Acting Chairman), N McCarthy, K Bennett, A Watley, T Hinton, V Dean, J Lewis. S Clapham (Parish Clerk) and R Nelson (RFO). Borough Cllr Thomas Bridge. 


Cllr R Keeble, T Thomas, H Cannon, County Cllr L Wagland.

0027 Co-Optioncancelled, candidate stepped down

0028 APPROVAL OF MINUTES – 20.5.21

The minutes were signed as a correct record by Cllr Lockhart.


0029 DECLARATION OF INTEREST (for items on the agenda): Cllr Watley (allotment)

0030 OPEN FORUM (for Public Attendees) 

S Type Security gave a presentation outlining the services they offer to local councils. 

In order for Council’s to make a decision, they offer a free one month’s trial of 3-4 

surveillance patrols per week. This was to monitor and deter Criminal or anti-social behaviour 

in the parish and full reports would be given to the Council. 

Action: The POS Committee to consider this in more detail at its July meeting.



1. The Clerk read out an email from the Fleetwood family regarding the wooden memorial seat on the Green which is in a state of disrepair. As the PC no longer purchases or maintains wooden furniture and commemorative seats and planters, it was agreed that the Clerk would explain this to the family and offer a discounted suitable replacement. Action: As proposed by Cllr McCarthy and unanimously agreed the PC would pay for the installation if the family wished to purchase the composite replacement. The Clerk to discuss this with the family.


  • Cllr Bridge reported that BBC’s full ordinary Council meeting scheduled next week had been cancelled due to no Covid secure facility being available. 
  • The Swallows cross junction was under review for possible alterations.
  • All planning referrals to go via him. The next Planning and licencing meeting is scheduled for 29th June.


0034 Finance – Payments made online:

S Clapham – £1655.57

Pension – £651.889

HMRC – £549.77

R Nelson – £366.80

MD Landscapes – £673.25 (inc.VAT) – Grass cutting inv. no. 674

Mrs E Smith – £208.92 –  stamp/postage expenses for Herald Year Book

Bits & Bytes – £50.00 – Office internet issues & renewal of internet security

Blackmore Village Hall – £40.00 – Reimbursement – incorrect booking payment paid to the PC instead of the village hall

Total Landscapes – £144.00 – installation of timber sleeper and boot scraper at Mill Lane

MD Landscapes – £822.84 – last month’s grass cutting invoice paid

Gardenscape – £1075.20 – purchase of cockle shells (Millennium Park)


Payments made on the PC Credit Card:

Amazon – £26.96 – printer cartridge

Cash drawn – Nil 

Transfers – Nil

Mini bus: Still Temporarily out of use & off-road SORN declaration.

Annual service inspection, Tax and MOT to be organised by the Clerk prior to the Covid restrictions easing on 19th July.  It has been booked in with W Hart Cars for 1st July and will be re-taxed from that date.


Income/receipts: Nil

Membership renewals/subscriptions: Nil

0035 Financial Report to 31st May 2021

Mrs Nelson reported on the financial reports as distributed prior to the meeting as outlined above. All approved with no amendments. Cllr Lockhart wished to record his thanks for the work Mrs Nelson had put into preparing the financial reports.

Financial Powers

0036 BBC precept overcharge – An online Zoom meeting had been held with Jacqueline VanMellaerts, BBC and Cllr Bennett, Keeble, the Clerk and RFO. It was agreed that Jacqueline would discuss the overcharge being reimbursed to the PC so it could be spent locally. Pending a decision from Cllr Hossack and the Finance Team, the Clerk will chase for a response.

0037 Receipt of Internal Audit report – The Internal Audit was carried out by Trevor Brown on 10th May. The report was considered by Members.   It was proposed by Cllr Lockhart and unanimously agreed that the report be approved. Mrs Nelson will deal with any recommendations made by the Internal Auditor in due course. 

0038 Approval of Annual Governance Statement (Section 1 AGAR)

This was considered by Members.   It was proposed by Cllr Lockhart and unanimously agreed that this be approved.

0039 Approval of Accounting Statements 2020/21 (Section 2 AGAR)

The statements were considered by Members.   It was proposed by Cllr Lockhart and unanimously agreed that these be approved.

0040 Approval of Audited Accounts

The Audited Accounts were considered by Members.  It was proposed by Cllr Lockhart and unanimously agreed that these be approved.


0041 MAGAZINE COMMITTEE – Parish Council Year Book (2021/22)

  The Members were delighted with the production of the Parish Year Book and Cllr Lockhart wished to thank Terry and Eileen Smith for all their hard work and support in producing it. It was therefore proposed by Cllr Bennett and unanimously agreed that as a thank you, the Clerk would purchase garden centre vouchers to the value of £100.00.   



0042 Planning applications were dealt with by Committee Members on 7th June, and the Planning Committee Chairman emailed the reports to the BBC Planning Department. The reports were approved by full Council. Cllr Lockhart read out his report:

Planning applications considered:

Four applications were considered, 3 of which were Permitted Developments. 

  • Copyhold Farmhouse, Blackmore Road – new orangery (21/00764/HHA) (no objection)
  • 3 Sandford Paddocks, Red Rose Lane – new garden room (21/00831/HHA) (no objection)
  • 1 Fairview, The Green, BlackmoreTP0 (21/00997TPO) (no objection)
  • Laurences, The Green, Blackmore – new conservatory (21/00968/HHA – reapplication) (no objection)

It was agreed that planning meetings would continue to be held by zoom which had worked well so far and were acceptable to all the members. Cllr. Lockhart gave an update on two properties in Blackmore Road which had been referred to Cllr. Thomas Bridge.

Cllr. Lockhart (belatedly) stated that he had to concede defeat in his efforts to conjoin with Doddinghurst Parish Council regarding planning applications near to our joint boundaries. They clearly aren’t interested and when he enquired if their planning committee was now meeting again (which it wasn’t during both lockdowns), Cllr Lockhart didn’t get a reply.


There had been a POS Committee meeting on Monday 14th June 2021 at 10.00am via Zoom. The minutes, as circulated, were approved by the Council. The following items of business were discussed:


0043 Annual (RoSPA) play area inspections 2021

The ROSPA play inspection reports were scrutinized at the June POS meeting and the following more ‘urgent’ item was recommended for approval:

Note – all other items considered will be dealt with in accordance with the POS minutes. The Clerk will action all inspections and quotations with the contractors.


  • Ted Marriage (Toddler swings) – Replacement metal legs to the ground sections of the wooden toddler swings had been quoted by Playquip Leisure – £1152.00 (+ VAT). It was proposed by Cllr McCarthy and unanimously agreed that these be purchased and installed ASAP. Action: Clerk to place the order with Playquip Leisure.


0044 Millennium Park – cockleshell footpath – In hand with Cllr Keeble and the Contractors

0045 Blackmore Youth Football club presentation evening – 2nd July

In light of the recent delay to the lifting of the Covid restrictions which had been put back from 21st June to 19th July, the event was unable to proceed. The Clerk had advised Cllr Cannon and Cllr Keeble of the Village Hall Committee who had processed the enquiry as well as confirming this with the BBC Safety Team. Action: Cllr Lockhart proposed the event be cancelled which was unanimously agreed.

Football pitches, Blackmore – Cllr Keeble (BVHA Committee) had enquired if the PC could make a contribution towards the sanding of the football pitch of £1,000.00. Cllr Bennett proposed and it was agreed that this expenditure be approved.  

0046 CLERK’S REPORT (Governance)

  • Accessibility compliant website – Cllr McCarthy advised that the website would be launched on Monday 21st  June.



POS – 12th July 2021 at 10.00am – Zoom.

PC – 15th Juy 2021 – Blackmore Youth Centre.

Planning – TBC – Zoom.



0048 Cllr Watley enquired with Cllr Thomas Bridge how BBC dealt with the PC’s Planning referrals.

Cllr Bridge said that the referrals go through the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee for consideration and the professional opinions of the Planning Officers were sought. If the enquiry required the attention of the full Council and/or the Planning Committee it would then be added to their meeting agenda for further consideration. 


There being no further items of business, the meeting closed at 9.05pm.